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ELC Stacking Cups

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Let’s build a tower with the Early Learning Centre Stacking Cups, then knock it back down.

Turn the 10 colourful cups upside-down, sorting them from biggest to smallest, then stack them as high as you can. Turn them over and nest them inside each other or play with them in the bath, sand pit or on the beach for pouring, scooping and moulding fun. Each cup has a number on it to help with learning to count. Can you count all the cups and name each of the colours?

These versatile stacking cups will provide hours of fun, and are great for stimulating senses and developing problem solving skills.

Product Features:

  • Set of colourful stacking and nesting cups
  • Set contains: 10x stacking cups
  • Stack, pour and scoop
  • Holes in the base for water and sand play
  • Helps develop motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination
  • Product dimensions: 65cm (H) x 10cm (W) x 10cm (D) 

Specifications- Age:

  • Height: Width: Depth: