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Playdough Jar- Flower Fest

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This playdough screams celebration! Great to explore all senses whilst working on those fine motor skills.  Little ones have an eye for detail and will adore Flower Fest.

Our natural Flower Fest Playdough is coloured with real Chamomile Blossoms, Rose and Lavender Petals and lightly scented with Organic Lavender essential oil.

Non-toxic & Zero nasties! 


Unique and individually made, colours and scent may vary slightly.

To maximize durability, keep your playdough airtight in a cool and dark spot.

Let's Dough playdough is made with all-natural ingredients. No Nasties & Non- Toxic. Gently infused with essential oils, to add therapeutic and calming play, all from the beautiful Pacific Scents range.

Further natural ingredients include, but not limited, things such as turmeric, spirulina, coconut oil, potassium sorbate, vitamin E, red sweet potato, flower petals , to name a few! Please contact Lets Dough directly if you have any concerns. 

The glitter used in our Let's Dough products, is made from NON-GMO eucalyptus cellulose, a renewable source and is biodegradable.

This playdough does contain WHEAT FLOUR and GLUTENHomemade, where NUTS are consumed.  Always maintain parental supervision during play.

Playdough Jar- Flower Fest
Playdough Jar- Flower Fest
Playdough Jar- Flower Fest
Playdough Jar- Flower Fest